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TopDown Engine (TDE)

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This is an engine inside Unity, providing help to handle 2D stuff in TopDown games. You can purchase it in the Unity store. Then install by following their official tutorial. You can also buy Feel, if you are feeling like this would improve your game.

Player (called "Agent" in TDE)

An agent is a name for a character (Player, NPC, ...). The best way to make one is

  • creating a model
  • maybe an animator too
  • then create an empty game object
  • add a player controller
    • put inside the model
    • put inside the animator (if you created one)
    • then generate everything
  • then you may add other components like usual

You can drag and drop it into a folder to create a prefab, then in a level manager, you can change the main player with this new prefab.


You will use most of the UI features of Unity, but you can

  • easily create a blur screen
  • create a custom LoadingScreen
    • create an empty Game object (usually called LevelManager)
    • add a LevelManager component
    • you got what you want in SceneLoading

You may create a button loading another Level by adding

  • a SelectionBase component
  • a LevelSelector component with your next level

You may trigger your own script by

  • adding your script as a new component to your button (or whatever)
  • adding an MMTouchButton component, in binding, pressed first time, add a component
    • runtime only
    • drag and drop the component with your script
    • find the component/method in the dropdown menu