Saving, converting, and archiving files/websites

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How to easily save a page as PDF, converting a file, or archiving a website (either online, locally, or saving each page as a single HTML file).

Save a page as a PDF

You can save a page as a PDF with

  • CTRL-P
  • Save as PDF
  • you may add/remove the headers in the options
  • if you want to remove something else, before CTRL-P
    • open the console
    • go to Elements
    • press CTRL+SHIFT+C (or use the selection icon)
    • select the element you want to remove
    • remove the HTML code that got focused in Elements
  • then go back to the printing as PDF window


Simply use your favorite search engine (DuckDuckGo, Google, Qwant, Ecosia, ...)

  • search "xxx to yyy" to convert xxx to yyy
  • like "PNG to PDF"
  • You got these too
    • "merge PDF"
    • "compress PDF"

Some links (not clickable)

  • (a lot of PDF's tools, great)
  • (not many tools but the best)
  • (not tested, a batch of tools)


  • online

The most well-known archiving tool is, allowing you to archive one page (per one page) of a website or a lot of other things.

  • local

You may also install an archive manager locally, if you feel like it, like with ArchiveBox

  • on Windows (auto-script)
    • you can use inside a git bash (installed by git-scm)
    • curl -sSL '' | sh
    • but you must have docker and python+pip installed
    • (it didn't work for me)
  • on Windows (WSL - Ubuntu)
    • I followed the official tutorial
    • but before starting
      • sudo apt-get install python3
      • sudo apt-get install python3-pip
    • and if you got a problem (infinite fetching)
      • CTRL-C (exit)
      • sudo npm install -g yarn
      • yarn install (in the archivebox directory)

You can run the web server with archivebox server and open in your browser.

  • me

After trying to use (but it's slow, and I'm looking for a file rather than this). I tried to use "ArchiveBox", but this was still not what I wanted (taking too long to archive, too tiring to use).

I'm using the SingleFile plugin. It's saving a page as one HTML file (like you should with CTRL-S) but you only have 1 file. And the result is better, like saving a website using CTRL-S makes the JavaScript executed each time you open the page (and sometimes the pages are not properly rendered), while this plugin is creating a fixed copy of what you saw when you asked for one.