Code signing certificate

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For Windows Users, you may want your application to be verified instead of the "Publisher: Unknown" warning. What you need for this is to buy a "Code signing certificate". You can buy an EV certificate if you want to earn a lot of trust, or you can buy a normal certificate.

Individual code signing

Since I was a regular person and not a company, here was my process to buy a certificate

  • I purchased an individual code signing
  • Once you get an email with your link, complete the form
  • For the CSR code, do not use your server, use your local computer
  • Once they are good, they will send a link to (Sectigo)
  • Send the documented asked (ID Card and a photo of yourself)
  • once the process is done, you will get a link to create your certificate
  • note that you have to use Internet Explorer for that
  • you will get a .pfx file
  • considering that signtool.exe is in the PATH, you have to run
  • signtool.exe sign /a /t /f ".\your_file.pfx" /p "your_password" /v ".\file.exe"
  • you have a portable copy of sign tool here, but try installing it by yourself. If signtool.exe is not in the PATH, either add it or use the relative/absolute path.