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You may add here tips that many people may look for, especially when this is a tip about the configuration of the IDE.

Zoom on scroll

Shift-Shift then enter mouse wheel, click on the only suggestion (Settings > General), and check the parameter to enable resize by scrolling.

Add a star (*) to modified files

Shift-Shift, enter mark modified, and switch it to on. You should see your little star.

Change proofreading language

Shift-Shift, then enter Proofreading, and manage your languages.

Delete unused warnings

You may call a variable ignore, sometimes (in a try-catch, for instance), JetBrains understand that you won't use this variable for a reason.

Otherwise, when you're using alt+enter, on each patch suggested you got a small arrow, and you may suppress the warning inside.

Soft wraps

If a line is too long for being completely displayed on your screen, as it may happen in JSON files (since you can't make multiline), you can enable auto-wrapping

  • right-click right after the line number,
  • and enable soft-wrap

If you want something permanent,

  • Shift-Shift
  • "soft wrap"
  • "soft wrap these files"
  • and add your file extension

Icon for your project

You can add an icon for your project! Simply close your project, right-click on it, and "change project icon".