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I will list almost all shortcuts that you may use there. But, if a shortcut is only available in one IDE, it won't be listed here. Here is my syntax for the following shortcuts

  • a+b: press a and b at the same time
  • {L}+b: left click and b at the same time
  • {R}+b: right click and b at the same time
  • {S}+b: select something and b at the same time

most used ones

  • CTRL+C: copy selection or whole line
  • CTRL+V: paste
  • CTRL+X: cut selection or whole line
  • CTRL+A: select all
  • CTRL+D: duplicate line or selection
  • CTRL+Z: undo
  • CTRL+SHIFT+Z: redo 🙄

Also, take note that you can easily select a pack of lines by pressing SHIFT and using arrows.

And the two great ones are

  • {S}+CTRL+/: do an inline comment for all lines selected.
  • {S}+CTRL+SHIFT+/: do a block comment for all lines selected.


  • CTRL+F: look for a word in this file
  • CTRL+SHIFT+F: look for a word in a scope (project, ...)
  • CTRL+L: move to the next occurrence of your search
  • SHIFT+SHIFT: open the great search menu
    • check recent files
    • look for settings
    • look for files, classes, methods, ...
  • CTRL+E: list of menus and a lot of files
  • CTRL+SHIFT+E: last locations where you got

In Object-oriented IDE languages files

  • ALT+INSERT: generates methods (such as getters/setters/constructors/implements in JAVA)
  • {S}+CTRL+ALT+T: generate a block of code around selection (if, try catch, ...)
  • CTRL+SHIFT+T: generates test class
  • CTRL+{L}: click on a method/class/... to view usages

You may use

  • CTRL+SHIFT+G: open a sort of file view menu (inside a file)
  • {S}+CTRL+SHIFT+U: uppercase to lowercase or lowercase to uppercase
  • CTRL+G: to move to a line
  • CTRL+R: replace some text
  • ALT+7: beware and do not use the 7 of your numpad. This opens a popup with the structure of the file. In Oriented-object languages, you could see all the classes in a file, methods, ... and can easily navigate to one.
  • CTRL+ALT+MAJ+U: generate a UML diagram of selected files in available
  • CTRL+ALT+U: same as above, but in a small popup like a preview