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Referencing code in PR/issues

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You can reference some lines of code in an issue or a pull request, as long as they are from a file in this repository.

  • go to a file
  • click on the line number of the line you want to reference
  • you may click on a number, then another while pressing shift to select an internal
  • click on "..."
  • copy permalink
  • then simply paste the code into an issue/pull request

This is a follow-up of this tutorial, and officially explained here.

Referencing Markdown files

The format of a referencing link is

  • "PERMALINK#LX" (a line $X$)
  • "PERMALINK#LX-LY" (an interval of lines $X \to Y$)

And you can get the permalink of a file with the "..." next to "Go to file". You can "edit the file", to get the lines numbers.