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Users may find a bug (πŸ›) in your project or may want to ask for some support or request a functionality. They will most likely use issues to report/ask something. Here is the official GitHub tutorial.


You can define issues templates using a file that needs to be created in .github/ISSUE_TEMPLATE/config.yml. This got quite simplified now

  • go to your repository's settings
  • in Options > Features > Issues
  • click on "set up templates" and pick or create templates.

But, you may add this file, if you want to add contact_links or disable blank issues.

blank_issues_enabled: false
  - name: Legendary Games Studio Support
    about: you can also ask support on our website

Create an issue from your code

If you read a block of code that seems to be the cause of an issue, then you can open one with it by following this tutorial.