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Actions are some code that is run each time you make a commit or a pull request. For instance, you could create an action that will verify that your code compiles on some specific platform that you configured.

  • GitHub passed ci: all checks passed
  • GitHub failed ci: at least a check failed

You can check GitHub's actions page and the GitHub actions tutorial. On GitHub (and maybe ...),. The files are generated, so most of the time, you're able to configure one easily.

Note: Action for multiples repositories

I had a project (which I deleted), that was having other repositories inside. When you git clone the repository, you also need to clone the nested repositories.

    # filling the folder other-repository-folder-name
    # with the content from URL/repository.git
    - run: git clone URL/repository.git other-repository-folder-name

Note: Action for Java

If you're making a project in Java, you need to install Java on the machine on which the code will be run (😎). You can do it using actions/setup-java.

    - name: Set up JDK 16
        uses: actions/setup-java@v2
          java-version: '16'
          distribution: 'adopt'