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git status

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Use git status to get the list of the files that aren't committed, the number of local commits, ...

git status

git log

For users without an interface, git log might also help, as it displays information about each commit.

git log
# you can replace 7 by another number
git log -7
# no difference for me, show commit on one line
git log -10 --oneline
git log -10 --oneline --decorate
# show changed files
git log -10 --oneline --decorate --stat
# show diff
git log -10 --oneline -p
# prettier log
git log --pretty=fuller
# draw graph
git log --graph --oneline --decorate
# see one commit (replace HEAD by an ID or something)
git log --no-walk --pretty=fuller HEAD
# custom format (name commit sha1 on date)
# format here
git log --pretty=format:"%cn committed %h on %cd"
# filter by message
git log --grep="feat:"
# filter by files
git log --

git shortlog

You can see the commits made by each person using git shortlog

git shortlog

git reflog

You can also use reflog to see your commits.

git reflog --date=iso

git show

You can also use git show, which is showing your changes, and may show the same output as git log (according to the parameters).

git show
git show -s --pretty=fuller HEAD

git diff

You can use git diff to see the differences between your last commit, and another commit.

git diff SHA1
# show same mistakes (markers or whitespace errors)
git diff --check HEAD~10