Install Doxygen

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This is a tutorial for Windows. I don't think a tutorial is needed for Linux, after all.

  • download the app here
  • install it
  • edit the PATH and add the /bin in your installation folder
    • Windows search bar : type var
    • click on ... modify system environment variables ...
    • click on environment variables (at the bottom)
    • then Path in the first box
    • then modify
    • and add on a blank entry C:\Program Files\doxygen\bin if that's your path to doxygen bin folder.
    • save and open a new terminal
  • this command doxygen -v should print doxygen version


There is a graphical version of Doxygen, allowing you to use a menu to create your Doxygen file. It won't be covered here, as I want to change the renderer (to make my documentation beautiful).