Technical specifications

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The technical specifications are simply a summary of every tool, methodology, technology, material that you will use.

  • Methods: Agile-Scrum, Kanban, ...?
  • Technologies
    • name (MariaDB? MySQL? Java? PHP? Etc.)
    • version (at least? Up to? Exact value?)
  • Platforms: on which platforms should the project be available?
  • Language: French, English, ...
  • Storage:What's used to store the data? (Database? File?)
  • Restrictions: other restrictions like no cookies...
  • Materials: are additional software/tools/components/... required?

You may also add things more specifics to your project like

  • are you using GIT? What's the URL?
  • are you using an online scrum board? What's the URL?
  • are you using a tool to communicate? What's the URL?
  • is a database already existing? What's the database diagram?
  • do you have a database diagram? Add it!
  • are you using a website for the mock-ups? Do you have one?
  • do you have any assets (images, sounds, ...)?
  • ...