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YOU CAN'T SKIP THIS PART. So don't even try. A lot of people are forgetting about it, but that's the most important one.

80% de projets, informatiques ou non, sont commencés mais ne sont jamais terminés. - my teacher

Some ideas

As a student, I thought about these risks

  • team
    • a student isn't working
      • not motivated
      • nothing he/she can do
        • lack of knowledge?
        • lack of tasks?
    • a student can't work
      • technical problems
      • personal problems
    • a student's computer is dead
    • a student don't listen to the group
  • tools
    • git isn't working anymore
    • the source code online got deleted
    • Trello (if you are using it) is unavailable
    • a tool doesn't seem to work
    • a tool is too hard to use
    • there is a minor/major bug in a software that we are using
  • code
    • a part of our architecture needs to be changed, breaking all the project
    • we want/need to add a breaking functionality
  • resources
    • we are needing unexpected assets (sounds, ...)
    • the creation of your assets (sounds, images, ...) got delayed
    • something is missing
  • general
    • something to delayed/postponed
    • security problems

Ranking the risks (equation)

You may use the following function $r$ to quantify a risk given a cause $c$

@ r(c) = P(X = c) * severity(c) @

This is the probability of the cause happening by the severity of the cause. Generally, we are giving an arbitrary value: $0,\ 0.25,\ 0.50,\ 0.75,\ 1.0$ for both $P(X = c)$ and $severity(c)$.

edit 28/08/2021: it seems to have a name: Probabilistic risk assessment.

Ranking the risks (matrix)

Sort your risks with the "1 2 3 4 notation" (not MoSCoW).

  • 4: critical
  • 3: important
  • 2: low risk
  • 1: do not care


You will get something like this, and you have to put your risks in a box. Deal with the risks in red first, then the orange ones, and then the green ones.

edit 16/08/2021: I was looking for "risk matrix" on Wikipedia and found a matrix that looks ways better than what I learned.