AbstractFactory or Kit

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This is a factory of factories where we code each method creating a factory (like we were doing in Factory).

  • ✅ : good separation, great isolation
  • 🚫 : too much code and maybe too complex


This is the idea

  • Create two abstract classes Monster and Human
  • Each one could have subclasses such as Gobelin, Spider or Hero, NPC
  • then create the abstract AbstractFactory
    • method monster(...) : Monster
    • method human(...) : Human
  • then create two factories
    • MonsterFactory: we "only" code monster(...) : Monster
    • HumanFactory: we "only" code human(...) : Human
  • then create a concrete class UnitCreator
    • each method should return a AbstractFactory
    • for instance, getHumanFactory() : AbstractFactory

In our code, we won't know

  • the factories (MonsterFactory and HumanFactory since we are manipulating AbstractFactory)
  • the concretes units (since we are using factories)