Memento or token

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You can use this to save an object. That may be used by undo/redo in an application but in fact, it cost a bit too much, hence not many seem to use it. In most cases, for an undo-redo, we will save the action that the user did, or the action that we should do to undo it.

  • ✅ : convenient
  • 🚫 : costly


  • we consider some states (1,2, ...)

  • we create Memento with the name of the state and the data to save

  • we create a class Caretaker for all your mementos

    • add(Memento)
    • get(int) (which of the stored memento you want?)

Then on our object, we would add a method

  • getMemento():Memento : returns the current memento
  • setState(Memento) : change the state of the object according to a memento.