Sprint backlog

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The Sprint backlog is a list of tasks that the dev team took for the product backlog. They are the tasks that they are planning to do during the sprint. The tasks are split into small tasks, taking a few hours and up to one day to be "done".

The developers are taking tasks according to their capacity. This is the sum of the evaluation/score of each task you picked in the last sprint.

Note: do not take too many "unknown-risk" stories. You should also take the previous sum of your estimations when picking tasks.

We are using the famous whiteboard, with the following columns

  • Todo (À faire): what has to be done
  • In-progress (En cours): working on it
  • Review (revue/relecture): optional, someone else is checking what you did
  • Tests (Tests): optional, testing the product
  • Documented (Documentation) :optional, working on the documentation
  • Done (Terminé/Fini): done
  • Canceled/Blocked (Terminé/Fini): optional, you won't continue a task, or you can't


Your goal is to move all of your cards in Done. You should add on each card the person that will do each task.

You may do it online, and if you do, we are mainly using one of these tools (all free)

Splitting a task (Example)

The functionality is to show the main page of a desktop application

  • make the frame without any content (close, minimize, etc.)
  • make the toolbar
  • write the code to display the content of the main page
  • deal with the translations
  • make the app responsive (your app is adapting itself to the size of the screen)
  • ...

Scrum release planning

A release plan is summarizing a lot of information about a sprint, so you may use one too. This is also providing information for every sprint, the roadmap of your project.

  • duration of a sprint
  • deadlines
  • budget
  • sprint goal
  • Acceptance criteria: What's the definition of done
    • tests? (coverage? deployment to a production environment?)
    • doc?
  • Guidelines/Guidance to write better code/improve quality