Sample discovery

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Let's say d = our data. You could put any kind of data in d and I'm only using it for the sake of clarity, since these functions are not only working with our data.

1. Check what you are manipulating

What are your variables? And what are their types/values?

  • str(d): variables types and first 10 values
  • summary(d): summary for each variable
  • describe(d)/brkdn(d) from library('pastecs'): alternative to summary
  • describeBy(d)/stat.desc(d) from library('psych'): alternative to summary
  • head(d)/tail(d): first/last 10 values
  • View(d): open in the graphical view
  • names(d): get variables names
  • dim(...)/length(...): check the length of your sample/variables
  • unique(...)/duplicated(...): are some values duplicated?

2. Now clean and prepare your sample

Once you have at least some information