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Vectors (functions)

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Here is a summary of all functions you can use on a vector $v$ (they should work for most likely anything else too, like a data.frame, ...).

  • head(v): first values
  • tail(v): last values
  • View(v): visual of the vector content
  • length(v): size
  • attributes(v): get attributes (dim, ...)


  • value %in% v: true if value is in v
  • is.element(e,v): true if e is in v
  • rev(v): reverse
  • sort(v)/order(v): sort
  • identical(v1,v2): true if they are the same
  • any(v opérateur valeur): true if at least one value make the condition true
  • all(v opérateur valeur): true if all values make the condition true
  • duplicated(v): true if a value is duplicated, for each value


  • which.min(v): index of the min value
  • which.max(v): index of the max value
  • sum(v): sum of all elements
  • prod(v): product of all elements
  • intersect(x,y)
  • union(x,y)
  • setdiff(x,y)
  • mlv (library modeest): get the mode