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Spanning tree

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A spanning tree $T$ of a Graph $G$ is a partial graph of $G$ that is a tree, meaning we are removing edges until we have a tree.

  • do not exist if $G$ is disconnected
  • T is a partial connected and acyclic graph of G
  • the edges removed are making a cycle basis (base de cycles)

Exercise 1

Given this graph $G$, give a spanning tree $T$

  • we are randomly picking the edges (that we may remove)
    • (b,f) from b,c,f,b
    • (f,e) from f,c,a,h,e,f
    • (h,d) from a,d,h,a
    • (g,d) from a,d,g,b,c,a
  • we are checking if this is a tree (acyclic and connected)
  • we are good
  • our spanning tree is

Another answer: $(b,f),(e,h),(h,d),(b,g)$.