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Spanning subgraph

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A spanning subgraph or Graphe partiel/Sous-graphe couvrant $G'$ of a graph $G$ is a graph

  • $V_{G'} = V_G$: having the same vertices
  • $E_{G'}\ \subset\ E_G$: $G'$ edge set is a subset of $G$ edge set


$G$ and $G'$ are said to be $\tau$-equivalent (read as tau-equivalent) if

  • they have the same transitive closure
  • $G'$ is a subgraph of $G$

$\tau$-minimal $\tau$-equivalent

Let $G'$ be a $\tau$-equivalent of $G$. $G'$ is $\tau$-minimal $\tau$-equivalent if removing one edge make it lose the $\tau$-equivalent property.

Note: you can replace minimal by maximal and removing by adding.

$\tau$-minimum $\tau$-equivalent

Let graph $G'$ be $\tau$-equivalent$\tau$-minimal $\tau$-equivalent of $G$. If we can't find a graph $G'$ with a lesser number of edges while still being $\tau$-minimal $\tau$-equivalent, then $G'$ is $\tau$-minimum $\tau$-equivalent.

Note: you can replace minimum by maximum, minimal by maximal, and lesser by bigger.

Example 1

Given the graph $G$, make it so that

  • $G'$: $\tau$-minimal $\tau$-equivalent
  • $G''$: $\tau$-minimum $\tau$-equivalent

Example 1 - graphs

Example 1 - answer

That isn't the only answer, but you should check that each of your answers

  • is a subgraph of $G$
  • the transitive closing is equals to $G$ (since G is complete)

Example 2

Same for

Example 2 - graphs

Example 2 - answer