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Graph matching

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A matching graph (couplage d'un graphe) is a graph $G'$ having a subset of $G$ edges without common vertices (two vertices are not adjacent). To summarize, you simply have to pick paths of 2 vertices, while making sure that you didn't use a vertex in another path you picked. The edges you used in your paths are forming the matching graph.

  • Maximal: if we add one more edge of $G$, then this isn't a matching graph anymore
  • Maximum: we can't make a matching graph with more edges
  • Perfect/Complete: every vertex of $G$ is used in $G'$ in a path.

A perfect matching is both maximum and maximal. A maximum matching is also maximal.


  • pick an edge
  • delete all edges incident to your two incident vertex (aside from the one you picked)
  • mark the edge as "picked"
  • again, until all the edges are either "picked" or "removed"


Give a maximal matching, maximum matching, and perfect matching of the graph $G$.

Example - Graph G

Note: this graph is called the Petersen graph.

  • red: picked
  • blue: removed

Using the algorithm, I could get the following maximal matching

Example - Maximal matching

I found this perfect matching, which means that I also found a maximal and a maximum matching

Example - Perfect matching