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Hamiltonian graph

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A Hamiltonian graph is a connected graph, that has a cycle/circuit traversing each vertex once (=Hamiltonian cycle/circuit).

We are adding "semi-" before Hamiltonian if the graph has a chain/path traversing each vertex once instead of a cycle/circuit.


There isn't a proper algorithm. A graph will be Hamiltonian for sure if

  • $n \ge 3$ and all degrees are $\ge \frac{n}{2}$
  • or, $n \ge 3$ and $\forall{x,y}$ not neighbor, $d(x)+d(y) \ge n$


Find a Hamiltonian path.

There is the path $(b,a,c,e,d,f)$. We have $(f,b,a,c,e,d)$ too. And we have $(a,c,e,d,f,b)$ too. Did you notice? That's the same path, but we are starting at a different node, so it seems that we only have one answer.