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public_html and permissions for Linux users

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Sometimes, you will work on Linux, and maybe on a shared server. It means that instead of having one "www" (root folder), and one root URL, each user will have their one in the home (called public_html), and they will have a URL looking like this https://myorg.tld/~username.

  • create public_html
ls -la ~/public_html # check if repository exists
mkdir ~/public_html # create
# allows access to public_html to the web server
chmod 711 ~
chmod 711 ~/public_html
  • notes

The root folder is ~/public_html, meaning that https://myorg.tld/~username/index.php is the same as ~/public_html/index.php.

  • permissions for files
chmod 700 file.php # seems like the minimum for a .php
chmod 744 file.html # seems like the minimum for a .html
chmod 711 folder # seems like the minimum for a folder