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PHP injections

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The name "PHP injections" is not very famous, at least it didn't head of it, because this is made of multiples well-known breaches (sessions, file upload, post/get).

Sessions and Cookies

Even an encrypted cookie is no good, you should use session whenever you need to keep something in memory.

Note that sessions are stored server-side, and in the browser, only the session_id is stored. Each time the client makes a request, he is sending it with the request. On the server, a session is a file in a folder that you picked (or PHP if you didn't).

The user can modify the session_id (as this is in his browser) and if he finds the session_id of an admin, then he can log in and bypass the 2 factors authentication (he won't call "login", he is simply using the admin account as if the admin himself logged in) and use the administrator account.

It does look nearly impossible right? Well, my favorite website to read mangas Mangadex got hacked because a hacker found an old session_id of an admin that got leaked during a hack in v1 (we were in v4). This is why session tokens are highly valuated by hackers.

Solution proposed: You should make an IP check, as a lot of frameworks are doing, to check that the IP used to create the session, is the same as the one using it. And, you should destroy sessions server-side (the files).