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Front-End code exposed

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Your code is running in someone else browser, so they can do what they want with it. You should already know that using the developers' tools, you can see the code source of a page. Using elements, you can modify the HTML/CSS. Using the console, you can run some JavaScript/modify the JavaScript.

Overall, what the user can do?

Hidden fields

If you made a field hidden, it's only hidden for your average user, but we can easily change the value of the hidden field.

Ex: you stored the ID of my account in the form to edit my profile, what if I put someone else ID inside? In the first place, this ID should be in the $_SESSION, so that was a pretty bad move 😶.

Required fields

If a field is required, or you added a script in JS to check the form, the user can remove or bypass anything. You have to test everything again in PHP. You will do it once in HTML/CSS for the normal users, and another one for the "hackers".


You should never make HTML comments in your code (as anyone can read them). Instead, developers are making PHP comments like this

<?php // some comment ?>