OCAML Course


OCaml is a functional language, from the family of Meta Languages (".ml", along with SML or CAML). Unfortunately, OCaml is impure, as it allows side effects. It's strongly advised to read the course about Functional programming before starting, so you know about immutable, purity, and things like this. We are currently in OCaml 4.12.

We are using a lot OCaml in my school because a lot of students learned it before, but it would be better to learn functional programming with a language like Haskell 🙄, as there are no side effects in it.


Like a lot of languages such as Python or Java (👀), you are able to write OCaml in a console (REPL). Otherwise, you can also write a file.ml and compile it like you would in C. You can use

  • ocaml: to open OCaml console
  • ocamlc file.ml: to compile a OCaml file and create a a.out (this is working like gcc in C).

As the installation is hard on Windows, I gathered tutorials here to install OCaml on Windows. On Linux, you should not have a problem. You can also use OCaml in your browser with TryOCamlPro (this may be enough/the best solution for a lot of you).

Advanced concepts