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Async and await

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In practice, we want to wait for a result. We can do that using await, but you can only add await inside an async function (πŸ™ƒ). Using these, we will get rid of callbacks, but if we got an exception, then we have to use try-catch.

async function asyncFunction() {
    // let's say f is asynchronous
    let f = fetch("/");
    let res = await f; // await the result of f
    let text = await res.text();
    // ...
// call
asyncFunction() // I'm ignoring this promise (😢)
// but, I shouldn't, and use .then().catch()
// as this is asynchronous code

Note that you don't need to use await if you are using return, for instance

return res.text();
// is the same as
return await res.text();