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Notes about forms

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Some notes about forms such as fields outside a form, or notes about the attribute "action", which is properly explained in the PHP course.

external fields

If an input field is not inside a form, you may add id="a_form_id" to your form, then you simply have to add inside the field form="a_form_id".

<form id="example"></form>

<button type="submit" form="example"></button>

<input type="text" form="example">


Every working form has an attribute "action", telling us where is the script handling the form server-side.

<!-- we don't have one -->
<form action=""></form>
<form action="#"></form>
<!-- we got one -->
<form action="file.php"></form>
<form action="URL"></form>


You can wrap a form/some fields inside a fieldset

        <legend>Some title</legend>
        <!-- some fields -->