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Notes about constrains

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You can add constraints to your fields, such as required, to force the user to complete this field. You can also set a range of values, or a pattern for the values that are allowed. This is what we call HTML constraints.

<!-- at least one letter, lowercase only -->
<input type="text" value="" placeholder="John DOE" required pattern="[a-z]+" />

<input type="checkbox" checked />

<input min="x" max="y" minlength="z" maxlength="t">
  • required: this field must have a value (blank character pass the test like a space)
  • disabled: the user can't modify/click on a button/field
  • hidden: hide a field
  • checked: check by default a checkbox / radio button
  • minlength: min length (characters)
  • maxlength: max length (characters)
  • min: max value (int)
  • max: max value (int)
  • pattern: write a regex (regular expression) that the input must match

If the user is submitting an invalid value, or forgets to fill a field, then the browser will show him/her a message. You can also see the message when hovering the field. In JavaScript, you will be able to customize the messages shown.