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JavaFX in IntelliJ IDEA

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There are two ways to install JavaFX and SceneBuilder in IntelliJ. One in two clicks and one a bit longer. The two click installation won't install an external SceneBuilder, so

  • you won't be able to look for components using a search bar
  • there menu "code" isn't present

So do the proper one!

Fast installation

  • open project, cancel if asked to find JDK
  • Simply open a .fxml file.
  • at the bottom of the file view, you got a `SceneBuilder``, click on it
  • then click Install JavaFX red message
  • then click Install SceneBuilder red message
  • done

Normal yet easy installation

Use the official tutorial if you are lost, their screenshots are pretty useful Tutorial.

  • open project, cancel if asked to find JDK
  • CTRL+MAJ+ALT+S (Open Project Structure)
    • in Modules: remove the two lines in red
    • in Library: click on + then From Maven and
      • write org.openjfx:javafx-fxml:16
      • select download to and put it in a lib folder at the root of the project (it should be the default path anyway)

JavaFX is now installed, now let's install SceneBuilder.

  • Download here SceneBuilder
  • Install it, keep the path of your new program with a copy-paste
  • in IntelliJ, go to settings (CTRL+ALT+S)
  • type JavaFX, then in Language and Frameworks put the path to your SceneBuilder executable.

You can now make the view, but let's make a configuration to run our Main.

  • go to, and try to start it: you will get an error
  • go to Edit Configurations idea
  • press ALT-V to show VM options input field
  • and write --module-path lib --add-modules javafx.controls,javafx.fxml

ALSO, while you are here, set program argument -name a_name_here.

And now?

You need to right-click on a .fxml file, at the end of the context menu, you got Open in SceneBuilder so simply press it and make the view.

Then after you are done, simply use the green arrow (a.k.a. run button) to start your program. You can copy and paste a configuration (in the edit configuration menu) and change the name.

If you need to run the server, I put everything in the same folder, and you may do that using IntelliJ import-module functionality.