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IntelliJ - Setup TP FIGURES

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This tutorial should help if you are having trouble, with the test classes (they are in red, you can't run nor compile the project). You can find a tutorial about IntelliJ here.

do remember that IntelliJ can only run a file if all the project is working. That is not our case so you will have to add the test classes one after another.

easy setup

Remove the file since you won't need it, and it makes things hard. It's a useless class because we will run our tests using IntelliJ and not some java class.

real setup

That's a waste of time, but well...

  • open Project Structure (CTRL+ALT+MAJ+S)
  • go to libraries
  • then click on "add" or "+" then "from maven"
  • and one by one, add these
    • org.junit.platform:junit-platform-suite-api:1.7.0
    • org.junit.jupiter:junit-jupiter-engine:5.7.0
    • org.junit.platform:junit-platform-launcher:1.7.0
    • org.junit.vintage:junit-vintage-engine:5.7.0
    • org.junit.platform:junit-platform-runner:1.7.0

Of course, you can change the version.